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  • Strategic Carbon Management Course

    Strategic Carbon Management Course

    The Strategic Carbon Management course is designed to give you a clear and comprehensive understanding of how to performance manage carbon emissions in one accessible course. Why you should take this course Become a professional Carbon Manager: performance manage organisational carbon emissions. Integrate operational and energy efficiency plans with emissions reduction strategies. Design and implement […]

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  • Carbon Accounting

    Carbon Accounting

    Learn how to build and manage a carbon inventory Identify and quantify the greenhouse gas emissions for your organisation in accordance with international accounting standards (GHG Protocol AS/ISO 14064.1-2006). Introduction This course will help you develop the technical knowledge and business skills critical for the effective implementation of carbon accounting within your organisation. This course […]

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  • Applied Energy Efficiency

    Applied Energy Efficiency

    A world class course for improving business energy efficiency Build the business case to drive energy efficiency initiatives across your organisation. Introduction The Bureau of Energy Efficiency India suggests that energy production for India needs to double by 2030 if economic and social development targets are to be met. Energy intensity reduction has a projected […]

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  • Life Cycle Assessment

    Life Cycle Assessment

    Learn how to identify, calculate and prioritise emissions reduction opportunities Learn how to assess the carbon footprint of goods and services. Evaluate alternative product configuration and operational sourcing options in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Why you should take this course Learn how to assess GHG emissions of an individual product, either a good […]

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  • Opportunities for Cogeneration

    Opportunities for Cogeneration

    Build the business case to drive cogeneration initiatives within your organisation Explore options for implementing cogeneration and trigeneration systems in your workplace. Introduction With energy costs increasing and energy security an issue, cogeneration represents a key strategy for avoiding the mounting financial pressures associated with energy price rises and lack or drop in supply. This […]

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  • Reducing Fleet Emissions

    Reducing Fleet Emissions

    Learn how to decrease your fleet fuel consumption Introduction During this 8 week part time face-to-face course you will learn strategies for reducing your fleet fuel consumption. The aim is to help you get ahead of industry sector and government benchmarks and save your business substantial costs. The course is specifically designed to show you […]

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What our students say

“The Carbon Accounting/Footprinting course was very informative and I would certainly recommend it to anybody within the environmental or sustainability field. I found the course very useful and applied it within a week of returning to my current role when preparing information for a client’s corporate sustainability report.” PATRICK SCRAGG, ENVIRONMENTAL REPORTING COORDINATOR, BEYOND GREEN


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