Strategic Carbon Management Course

Strategic Carbon Management

The Strategic Carbon Management course is designed to give you a clear and comprehensive understanding of how to performance manage carbon emissions in one accessible course.

Why you should take this course

Become a professional Carbon Manager: performance manage organisational carbon emissions. Integrate operational and energy efficiency plans with emissions reduction strategies. Design and implement whole-of-organisation Carbon Management Response Plans. Construct green marketing briefs and policy. Understand the fundamentals of carbon accounting, compliance, reporting and Life Cycle Assessment.
This para-professional qualification is designed for candidates at the supervisor, manager and executive level.

“The best course I have ever done.”Rachel Falconer
“I learnt so much in such a short time.”Lindsay Kelly
“I would recommend the Strategic Carbon Management course to anyone looking to expand their skills, understanding and capacity in sustainability and organisational strategy development that enables carbon reduction in service and product oriented businesses as well as in policy development.”Bridget Ryan

You will receive:

  • A pre-course guide
  • A structured program of delivery that meets strict accredited workforce training standards
  • A learner guide complete with course materials case studies, toolkits & assessment tasks
  • Online facilitation and classroom instruction from industry experienced instructors
  • Access to a carbon management resource library containing over 400 carbon sector reports and documents

In this course

You will develop the skills and competencies which will enable you to understand the strategic implications of carbon emissions for business and how emissions reduction strategies can be implemented using business planning frameworks.
By analysing how organisations use energy resources and, by learning how to implement carbon reduction initiatives, you will be able to find cost savings, enhance company reputation and improve profitability and productivity whilst reducing negative environmental impacts.

Build your skills

  • Develop transferable business improvement skills
  • Gain recognition as an accredited front-line carbon management specialist
  • Improve your marketability within the job market as carbon management practitioner
  • Become indispensable to green-skilled job functions
  • Become a value-add employee
  • Be able to deliver energy efficiency improvements and secure carbon reduction targets for your employer

Course format

The course is delivered both online and face-to-face so you can select the learning mode which most suits you.
The course is broken up into eight workshops usually with a week in between each one in order for you to carry out workplace task using real data.

  • Workshop 1 – Introduction to Climate Change
  • Workshop 2 – Carbon footprinting
  • Workshop 3 – Carbon action planning
  • Workshop 4 – Carbon Management Response


  • Workshop 5 – Carbon Offsets
  • Workshop 6 – Life Cycle Assessment
  • Workshop 7 – Implementing a CMRP
  • Workshop 8 – Green Marketing and Cogeneration

The workload for completion of the Strategic Carbon Management course is quite substantial. This is to ensure rigor in developing the skills in Carbon Management required to become a competent Carbon Manager. Average completion time for the Strategic Carbon Management course is 180 hours.

Building a Carbon Management Response Plan: An applied learning experience

A critical component of the training is for you to demonstrate competency in designing and developing a Carbon Management Response Plan and the strategic management of its implementation into the business. Therefore you will need to be working within an organisation, or have access to an organisation to interact with key members of staff and to source the enterprise’s energy and emissions data.

Why Strategic Carbon Management?

The Strategic Carbon Management course is a holistic carbon-sector qualification.
It’s purpose is to give you a clear, comprehensive understanding of the most important concepts in one accessible course.
The job of managing greenhouse gas emissions in a workplace is straightforward once you understand some important ideas and principles and apply a rigorous framework to your methodology.
By the end of the Strategic Carbon Management course you will have built a working draft Carbon Management Response Plan using real data and have your implementation strategy underway.


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