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Back in 2008 the management team got together to discuss the best way to reduce carbon emissions. We looked at many approaches yet kept coming back to the idea of capacity building, because at the end of the day we all believed that its people that reduce emissions, not machines.

We figured that if we could train people to manage greenhouse gas emissions in ways that aligned with their organisations’ objectives we could get some great emissions reductions occurring year on year in a sustained manner. The old “teach a man how to fish…” approach.

There were a lot of sustaibability courses around at the time but none that took a business approach to performance managing greenhouse gas emissions.
So we developed the Strategic Carbon Management Course which has now gained national accreditation in Australia, New Zealand and is also being taught in universities in California. The course takes people through how to develop and implement a working emissions management plan or as we like to call it a Carbon Management Response Plan.

We have now taught well over 600 students how to performance manage carbon emissions and seen Carbon Management Response Plans implemented in hundreds of organisations.
We have achieved a lot, but there is much, much more to do. We are continually growing our list of courses to suit the needs of the carbon professionals and we are also building our partnership network to help us grow in countries around the world.

If you have ideas of how we can help build more capacity in the global workforce or if you are interested in partnering with us please contact us.

  • Rob Nicholls

    Rob Nicholls

    Rob Nicholls, CEO, is a market economist and experienced business strategist with a great depth of industry and technical experience. Rob has an extensive working knowledge of the evolving climate change business system gained from projects associated with sustainability planning, risk mitigation, eco-focused investments and carbon markets. He has a solid understanding of the international […]

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  • Richard Bolus

    Richard Bolus

    Richard Bolus, CMO, set up the National School GreenPower Initiative and has provided environmental advice to a number of businesses, community organisations and government departments over the last 8 years.
 In 2008, he helped Unity4 become the winner of News.com’s Green Business Award. Richard was a founding member and later CEO of Green Canary, a […]

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  • Glenn Davidson

    Glenn Davidson

    Glenn Davidson, Director of Coaching & Enterprise Collaboration, has a long history of professional development facilitation, group training and consultancy to the education, business and community sector. This role at CTI entails the development of face to face and eLearning courseware, resources and learning strategies. The role also has Glenn instrumental in the development facilitation […]

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  • Bill McGhie

    Bill McGhie

    Bill McGhie, Director of Organisation Capacity Building & Training, leads the training team which has developed Australia’s first competency based Carbon Management training courses. He has trained workers and consulted in a wide range of industries. He is an expert in Environmental & OHS management and has worked with many businesses to ensure whole of […]

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  • Zeph Phillips

    Zeph Phillips

    Zeph Phillips, Executive General Manager Market Development and Operations; US and Canada, has over thirty-seven years of strategic management and supervisory experience in government and the private sector, and has utilized that experience and expertise in diversified matters relating to governmental policy and affairs, higher education, business planning and management, marketing, investment, market research, quantitative […]

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  • Winton Evers

    Winton Evers

    Formerly a TAFE facilitator in Demolition Supervision, Asbestos Awareness & Construction Induction, Winton has been concerned about anthropogenic environmental impacts for sometime. To do something significant, his former demolition company – Becwins – maintained a building materials recycling yard which received rescued re-usable building materials normally destined for landfill. Many houses in the Blue Mountains […]

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  • Lars Lohmann

    Lars Lohmann

    Lars Lohmann has over 20 years experience in strategic business development, in consumer goods, publishing and reinsurance. He has lead the establishment of multi-million dollar businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the USA and has pioneered the introduction of innovative technologies and business concepts. Prior to establishing his own consulting firm in 2007, he held […]

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  • Genevieve Lee

    Genevieve Lee

    Genevieve is an experienced environmental and finance professional with expertise in project management, analysis, change and risk management gained in investment banks, funds management and environmental sustainability consulting. She is also the director and principal consultant of Gleeco Green Solutions P/L working to best capture the opportunities in the fast growing sustainability space. In addition, […]

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  • Ahmed Abdoh

    Ahmed Abdoh

    As well as a Certificate IV in Carbon Management, Ahmed teaches a range of IT Diplomas – Database Design, System Business Design and OHS. Ahmed has a consultancy business in Medical software and IT policy implementation and training medical professionals in IT systems. He previously worked as a marine engineer for Gulf Agency Company, Dubai […]

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